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These are my notes and lists the Australian Bush Flower essence combinations and what they have been used for includes information from newsletters and their clinical use for over 15 years (though still adding new information, so not finished compiling or editing). Used Australian Bush Flower Healing book as well reversing the repertory basically. Working at adding the information from "Animal Healing" and "Happy Healthy Kids" (writing notes stage) Louise Larabie These notes shown in this blog authored by me are copyrighted and need permission to cross post elsewhere, though the link to these here are fine.

Not in the combinations. Alpine Mint bush, Freshwater Mangrove, Green Essence, Gymea Lily, Hibbertia, Kapok bush, Mountain Devil, Pink Mulla-Mulla, Rough Bluebell, Monga Waratah, Sydney Rose

Creams or Mists can be combined with use of any other essence combination drops.

Can add any of the mists relating to your emotional state to your cleanser.

Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010


1. ABUND ESSENCE Drops (30ml)

Bluebell, Boab, Christmas Bell, Five Corners, Philotheca, Pink Flannel Flower, Southern Cross and Sunshine Wattle

* Can add Sydney Rose if making it up

* Some peopled take 7 drops of Abund every month on a maintenance dose before they pay their bills to clears their minds and see how to better manage their money.

* Some take it three times a day for solving more problems.


A Spirit of giving that is rampant and flourishing

Abundance of time

Aids in Releasing negative beliefs, family patterns and sabotage

Always wanting to do more or travel more

An increase in clients

Attracting old friends

Belief in abundance

Better decision making because it is clearer

Better work opportunities

Brings a feeling that life generally is kinder

Business opportunities to help business to take off

Clears financial sabotage patterns

Collecting on unpaid debts you never expected to get


Heightened awareness

Job opportunities where one often did not expect them

Joyful sharing

Luck like finding money walking down the street, money turning up in pockets

More dating opportunities, asking for phone number or giving theirs

More money in bank account than expected (or was even possible)

More opportunities

More reasoning and rational in thinking

Openness to receiving great riches on all levels, not just financial


People wanting to pay lunch/movie/coffee (and you are happy to accept)

Positive energy of abundance, to fully receiving great riches on all levels, not just financial

Positive energy that can affect many areas in your life

Realization of how one can work things out to get what you dream of getting

Richer relationships (children, friends and partner)


Universal trust

Wonderful open feelings and joy


Closed to receiving

Fear of lack

Fear of lack + Dog Rose

Fear one will not survive things do not improve

Feeling one never has enough money and or time

Feelings one do not have enough money

Felling finances are dwindling


Poor family belief patterns of “lack”

Poverty consciousness

Releasing negative beliefs

Sabotaging moves to block success

Those never finishing a project

Those spreading themselves too thin

Those that are not achieving anything

Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010


2. ADOL ESSENCE Drops (30ml)

Billy Goat Plum, Boab, Bottlebrush, Dagger Hakea, Five Corners, Flannel Flower, Kangaroo Paw, Red Helmet Orchid, Southern Cross, Sunshine Wattle, and Tall Yellow Top.

*This combination can be put it in an atomizer and to spray the house and the teenager’s bedroom

*Can customize adding specific Essences relevant to a particular child or person needing this essence

*Adol addresses the major issues teenagers commonly experiences but is not exclusively for teens. Great for young dogs or other rambunctious animals.

*To assist the passage into adulthood and help cope with the tremendous change occurring in their lives


A sense of belonging and willingness to reach out to others rather than staying lonely and isolated

A sense of healthy boundaries

A sense of optimism, hope and expectation of a bright future

Acceptance of his/her body, especially when it is going through rapid changes and development

Acceptance of self

Addresses any rebellious tendencies

Anger control

Better communication skills and letting out feelings

Better coping skill to deal with change

Better social interaction and sensitivity to the needs of others

Better social skills

Consideration of others

Copping with change

Easier development of physical and emotional intimacy

Emotional stability

Encouragement to an adolescent

Enhances communications

Harmony in relationships in general

Harmony in their relationship with authority

Improved communications skills

It’s not fair attitude

Stimulating the liver, it will help the body to break down the high levels of estrogen and testosterone

Maturity & emotional stability


Personal power and taking responsibility for what occurs in one’s life





Feeling of hopelessness


“It’s not fair” attitude

Liver problems with typical teenage diet of takeaway food and coke, thereby helping with any existing acne

Poor family patterns before they become entrenched in the new adult.

Puberty problems

Rebellious anger

Rebellious kids

Resentments that are commonly experienced by teenagers towards their close friends and family members

Sense of not belonging


Street kids

Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010


3. CALM AND CLEAR ESSENCE Drops (30ml) Mist & Cream (50ml)

Black-Eyed Susan, Boronia, Bottlebrush, Bush Fuchsia, Crowea, Jacaranda, Little Flannel Flower, and Paw-Paw

*Mist & Cream includes essential oils of Lavender, Neroli, Orange and Patchouli.


A slowing down of feelings

Access higher self

Absorbing Nutrients better

An anti oxidant (Cream)

Back past emotional issue to work through

Balanced digestion

Balances minerals in the body better

Balanced the acid in the stomach increasing acid production IF needed

Better temperature control

Brings better connection with ones intuition


Calmness and peace

Calms pets and kids (Mist)

Calms, unwinds

Calms in schoolchildren in class

Centered Better Health



Contemplation of one’s self

Creative visualization


Deep, healthy sleep + Green Spider Orchid

Eases stiffness & tension in muscles

Eases stiffness in joints, head and neck particularly

Easier decision-making

Encourages own time & space

Enjoyment of relaxing times

Enjoy relaxing pursuits

Find a quiet place within

Find time for oneself

Headache, applied to forehead & base of skull

Healthy contemplation

Healthy relaxation

Helps Digestion

Hormonal mood swings

Improved digestion

Inner Peace

Less over the top emotions in relationships personal or work related

Less tension

More enjoyment of relaxing pursuits

More fun in life

More skin nutrients (Cream)

More time and space for relaxation

More time to oneself

Outer peace

Re-balancing of emotions

Relaxing and having fun

Relaxing without external pressures & demands

Relaxation and helps one unwind while enjoying your personal pursuits.

Relaxation in Muscles

Relaxation without external demands or pressure


Skin Care at fundamental level (Cream)

Soothing and settling (Mist)

Stimulation of blood flow to skin for lovely glow

Time for oneself

Time to enjoy relaxing pursuits

Help to diffuse the stress of any situation

Intestinal clean out

Less toxic waste

Indifferent reaction to emotional situation

Keeping people calm + Mint Bush

Letting go of any emotional or physical baggage one is dragging around (especially from the work place)

Protection from harsh climatic conditions causing skin irritation and dehydration

Protection to mantel against external pollutants

Relax without external pressures & demands

To enable a person to let go of any emotional or physical baggage that they are dragging around with them especially from the work place

Winding down time, encourages

Yoga Massage Therapy, before (Mist)


Always being last priority

Always over committed

Burn out after overwork

Chocolate cravings


Dull lifeless skin and complexion (Cream)

For one that is over committed

Immune system imbalances


No time for self

Over committed


Skin irritations

Stress supporting a family, sustaining relationships, dealing with their own sexuality, work or study, fear of rejection and failure

Sugar cravings

Tension headache, Temples 3rd eye (Cream)

Tension headache, instantly relieving, applied to forehead first and then on the back of the neck, both areas need to be ‘activated’ for this startling result (Cream)

Those always being over committed

Those on run and no time for themselves

Those that worry constantly

Times of over commitment

Tummy issues from stress


Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010


4. COGNIS ESSENCE Drops (30ml)

Bush Fuchsia, Isopogon, Jacaranda, Paw-Paw & Sundew

6th Chakra

*Spray Cognis for ADD in the home or class room before they arrive


Ability to understand and respond to verbal communication

Accesses to past knowledge

Aids poor memory


Assimilates ideas

Assistance in problem solving by improving access to the Higher Self (intuition), which stores all past knowledge and experiences, (inspirational ideas)

Balance to intuitive and cognitive processes

Balances right and left hemispheres

Balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain

Better clarity in speaking

Better comprehension, concentration & learning

Better function of the brain

Better learning capacity for students

Better memory

Better retrieval of information

Better recall of past knowledge and experience + Yellow Cowslip Orchid, better brain function

Brings a balance to our logical and intuitive mind

Brings back skills and knowledge learnt in the past

Brings clarity

Clarity & focus when reading, studying, working & speaking

Clears any accompanying feelings of being overwhelmed


Confidence in city driving

Dramatic relation to memory and concentration

Easier and deeper understanding of student lessons

Enhanced learning skills

Enhances all learning abilities and skills

Enhances reading, mathematical and speaking skills

Exam situation helps express information with clarity and conviction

Exam week, Take morning and night for 2 weeks & during the exam

Focus and allows you to settle down

Focuses, grounds, stops daydreaming and procrastination

Focus & grounding, to get on with the job

For all students, helps absorb a lot of totally different information & retrieve it

Greatly improves memory

Helps integrates information

Helps prevent the feeling of panic and being overwhelmed

Help to assimilated ideas

Helps to resolve dyslexia

Improves memory, reading & speaking skills

Improving access to Higher Self (stores all past knowledge and experiences)

In an exam situation a person may express the info with clarity and conviction

Increased memory and improved performance of students

Integrates and assimilates ideas and information

Intuitive learning which, when combined with the intellect, is a powerful quality.

Learning, all areas

Less tired studying and at lectures

Maximizes intuitive learning so that even data and complex concepts are easily grasped

Mental clarity, focus, and enhancing all learning skills and abilities, assimilating new information

Opens up the intuitive approach to learning, when combined with the intellect, is a powerful quality

Prevents the feeling of panic and being overwhelmed

Recall old skills, ie Mothers who wish to return to the workforce

Reduces procrastination

Retrieval of previously learnt knowledge and skill

Returning to the workforce, recalls skills

Stops daydreaming

Stops procrastination

Helps while studying or needing intense focus

Wonderful catalyst in psycho-therapeutic work


ADD Attention Deficit Disorder

ADD spray around the room before he/she arrives

ADHD Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder


Alzheimer’s grief


Autistic + Flannel Flower don’t like being touched at all


Cramming stress



Difficulty to read for any length of time

Difficulty with reading, writing and spelling

‘Doom & gloom’ attitude and coping with test


Examination test apprehension (in panic mode use Emergency)

Feelings of being split

Day-dreaming and cannot focus

Hyper activity disorders

Increasing self-awareness and objectivity in perceiving ones own self


Lack of confidence or focus

Language, learning problems

Learning problems

Mental burnout

Nervous city driver

Overwhelmed with too much information

Poor concentration

Poor memory

Poor numbers recall


See Alzheimer’s in other notes.

Vaccinations related learning problems + Boab + Bush Fuchsia

Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010


5. CONFID ESSENCE Drops (30ml)

Boab, Dog Rose, Five Corners, Southern Cross and Sturt Desert Rose


Acceptance of self

Adrenal and thymus balance

Assists in your taking full responsibility for the situations & emotions that occur in your life

Better communication

Better parent child relationship

Better relationships at work, school, with animals and neighbours

Better relationships for adolescent

Better sense of self worth

Brings out your true inherent

POSITIVE QUALITIES of self esteem and of feeling great about yourself

Clearing any self worth issues arising as a result of any inherited family emotional pattern

Confidence to be ourselves

Confidence to cope during pregnancy

Energy to be true to oneself

Feel comfortable and confident around other people

Feelings of well being

Gives the strength to be true to self

Helps us take responsibility for situations and events that occur in our lives

Helps us realize that we have the ability and power to manifest change in the events in our lives


More confidence

More confidence to cope during birthing

More confidence to take responsibility of oneself or situation

More self-confidence

Not a victim

Outgoing personality

Personal Power

Power to create situations we want

Pregnancy, take during the last weeks of pregnancy

~For confidence in the body

~Follow your own gut feelings to do what you feel you have to do

~Guards against the victim mentality as women have been victims to men’s control over births

~For controlling fear

Realize that you have the ability and power to manifest those situations & emotions

you wish to occur in your life

Resolve negative beliefs we may hold about ourselves.

Self-esteem and confidence


Sense of Responsibility for one's life

Take during the last weeks of pregnancy

Taking responsibility for one’s life

True to ones self

Trust in ones abilities

Teenage girls help to increase their self worth and self esteem

Learning to say no


Breaking up

Discomfort around other people


Grief, death


Guilt of past actions



Lack of conviction

Low self-esteem

Negative beliefs about ourselves

Negative subconscious beliefs we may hold about ourselves

Self worth issues arising as a result of any inherited family emotional pattern


Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010


6. CREATIVE ESSENCE Drops (30ml)

Bush Fuchsia, Crowea, Five Corners, Flannel Flower, Red Grevillea, Tall Mulla-Mulla & Turkey Bush

*Can take seven days before the event will help build confidence for an event


A ‘little shot’ of extra confidence

A more open heart

A more relaxed TMJ joint for wider mouth opening

A sense of joy of the physical body and to express it joyously with song

Better singing, tone and timber

Better voice for public speaking

Brings better expression of feelings and emotions

Centering, balancing, and calming

Clarity of voice & speech in public speaking and singing

Connection with our inner voice

Courage and clarity in public speaking, creative expression and signing

Creative and emotional expression in a gentle and calm way

Creative solutions in all life’s pursuits

Deeper breathing, a great benefit when speaking, acting, singing or playing any wind instrument

Enhances creative expression

Enhances singing

Improved emotional expression

Improved relationship to self

Inspired creativity

Enabling a person to breath more deeply whilst speaking & acting, but especially when singing or playing any woodwind instrument

“Makes You Talk”


7. DYNAMIS ESSENCE Drops (30ml)

Banksia Robur, Crowea, Illawarra Flame Tree, Macrocarpa, Old Man Banksia and Yellow Cowslip Orchid

*Helps Confid combo, Helps Relationship combo & Helps Sexuality combo

*The main gland types different types of people (sort of like their base constitution)

*Fire element, Illawarra Flame tree, balances thymus gland

*Earth Element, Macrocarpa for balance of adrenals

*Water element, Old Man Banksia that balance the thyroid

* Air element, Yellow Cowslip Orchid balances the pituitary


Abundant energy

Balance to all glands

Body feeling vibrant and centered

Boosting energy and support physical stamina

Boosts to the immune system and balances the thymus

Centering and harmony to your vital forces

Coping well with daily stress, balances one’s vital energy, organs and muscles

Energy, drive, stamina


Enthusiasm for life


Them on to firm ground and going again

Energy so ideas get past thinking stage

Enthusiasm and excitement

Increased vitality

Joy for life

Maintaining required level of energy to complete task


Promoting a feeling of abundant energy, vitality, enthusiasm and joy of life

Renewed enthusiasm and joy for life

Renewed passion

Stamina while training & during sports performances

Thyroid regulating and increase metabolic rate and therefore general energy levels rise

Self-discipline to complete tasks,

Sex, relationship, burn out, not enough time or energy for Black-Eyed Susan or Dynamis Essence

Lymph drainage + Bush Iris


Bored and those giving up doing project,


CFS feels they have the energy to start projects but soon become exhausted (low adrenals)


Daily stress




Feeling flat

Feeling not quite right

Feelings of physical restriction and limitation


Hormonal imbalance

“I just don’t feel like my old self”

Jaded felling

Keynote of feeling unwell since the flu, hepatitis or glandular fever (EBV)

Lack of energy

M.E. Post viral Fatigue Syndrome

Not being fully recovered from set backs

Not feeling just quite right

Normally active and dynamic, but due to illness, disappointment, feeling flat and with a temporary loss of drive

Slowing aging


Temporary loss of drive, enthusiasm, and excitement

Those burdened by their physical body


Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010


8. ELECTRO ESSENCE Drops (30ml)
Contains Bush Fuchsia, Crowea, Fringed Violet, Mulla-Mulla, Paw-Paw and Waratah

*Treating children from Chernobyl in a Radiation Rescue Program. Reduced the children’s radiation levels by 43% (four drops twice a day) in a two week period.
Neurocirculatory dystonia syndrome (feeling heart has stopped when these children physically exerted themselves, Waratah part of the combination attributed to helping this syndrome. Twice as effective as Spirulina in Chernobyl children (4 drops 2 times a day for 2 weeks
*This combination brings body harmony in harmful environments. These environments include areas that contain computers, high electromagnetic fields, or highly charged areas.


Relief from fear and distress associated with radiation, earth radiation, electrical things and/ or electromagnetic radiation

One in balance with the natural rhythms of the earth

Reduced emotional effects of radiation

Reduced obsession from side effects of Radiation

Relaxation just carrying bottle of Electro!!!

Relief of fear and distress associated with earth, electrical and electromagnetic radiation

Resistance to stress

Air travel spray back of seats with built in TV’s (or use Travel Essence)

Cell phones “radiation” protection (lasts 2 weeks)

Preventative for sunburn or other radiation

Reducing earth radiation


CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Many very sensitive to radiation, such as underground streams flowing nearby where they sleep, electrical radiation and wires, computers, microwaves and naturally occurring earth radiation)


Constipation from Radiation


Diarrhea from radiation

Earth and electric radiation

Electrical equipment

Electrical radiation emitted by meter boxes, overhead power lines

Electrical shock

Feeling drained and flat

Fevers NOT associated with infections

Fluorescent lights and electrical equipment, especially televisions

Ley lines crossing or in houses under which underground streams near where one sleeps



Neurosis and psychosomatic symptoms

Nuclear radiation

Numbness in hands from radiation

Out of balance with earths rhythms

Overhead power lines

Radiation & side effects

Solar radiation

Solar radiation, like sunburn



Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010


9. EMERGENCY ESSENCE Drops (30ml) Mist & Cream 50ml & Emergency stock 15ml
Angelsword, Crowea, Dog Rose of the Wild Forces, Fringed Violet, Grey Spider Flower, Sundew and Waratah

*Mist & Cream includes essential oils Neroli, Chamomile, Lavender & Bergamot

*I also add to small spray rather than a dropper in many cases as dosing is easier when say driving or having to give to someone else in an emergency. The mist you buy cannot be given orally but it is breathed in though it can be applied to the skin, but in my case I get a rash so I modified it using the drops dosage in a small one ounce spray bottle :o))) Others use the mist on the skin with no problems though.

*This remedy is not intended to be a replacement for good medical diagnosis and treatment, but it will provide comfort until treatment is available. Administer this remedy every hour or more frequently if necessary until the person feels better. It can also be used topically or mixed into a cream.

*Angelsword has been added to this combination to enhance its psychic protection qualities

*Reiki, used on hands increases effect of Reiki treatment


Ability to cope

Ability to focus calmly, but still actively, on the competition


Allergic reactions, allay fears, attack is life threatening

Asthma, fear of suffocation + Grey Spider Flower + Fringed Violet or Emergency Essence

All psychological and physical stress

Better school relationships

Better skin elimination of toxins

Better sleep to promote healing

Brings stronger Reiki healing if used topically on practitioners hands

Bruising, cream topically

Calming effect during crisis

Calming and stabilizing effect on the mind, body and emotions during minor and major crisis

Calming to skin problems


Calmness and ability to cope

Chiropractic assistance

Cleanser (mist)


Comfort to the person/animal until that treatment is available

Comfort until treatment is available


Ease of distress

Energy to cope with all major and minor crises


Insect bites, sprayed on, relieves pain


Pain, joints, cream


Provide comfort till medical help arrives

Psychic protection

Rashes, cream topically (actually the mist and the drops can be applied)

Sense of wellness

Skin healing

Speedier healing of cuts, blisters and other skin conditions + Spinifex to drops

Stabilizing energy


Will support courage by dealing with fear and trauma


Accidents, shock


Acne (drops externally applied or taken internally)

Allergic reaction with asthmatic reaction + Tall Mulla-Mulla

Allergic reactions,

Allergies, skin




Asthma, acute

Athletes foot (cream)

Baby, floppy

Back spinal pain

Back spinal,

Bacterial fungal skin infections (cream)



Blue or Floppy baby (with Sundew better)

Brain Damage

Breathing difficulties



Child's rages of destruction, impatience, hyperactivity and frustration + Black-eyed Susan Dosage 7 drops in juice etc and/or Fourteen drops into his bath water)

Chronic colic (horse)


Competing at horse shows rigidity and inability to think that I suffered before and during competition

Competitive events stress

Computer crash, loss of information (frustration and panic)

Continually crying



Damaged aura (releases negative energy)

Damaged skin (cream)

Dehydration (cream)

Dental work (after)

Difficult child (AND give to mother and other family members)

Digestive disorders


Distress before medical procedure

Distress from skin condition

Distress, from abuse, assault, rape & accident

Ear infection

Eating disorders (anorexia)


Emotional breaking up

Emotional upheaval

Environmental disaster

Epilepsy, acute

Extreme skin conditions (cream)

Extreme stress or duress

Eyes unequal (brain damage)



Fear on flight

Fear, panic, severe mental stress and tension

Feeling like you were hit by a ‘Mac truck”

Feelings of guilt dealing with the trauma that often precedes and also accompanies it

Frozen shoulder, topically

Grief from death of a loved one

Head injury


Health crisis

Heart attack, after and to lower panic during

Helped to fix paralysis from tick poisoning after a few doses

Helps diffuse the stress of any situation

Horses, “fizzy” before competing

Imminent premature birth

Inflamed skin


Insect bites drops, (cream or mist)

Insect repellent, mist


Insomnia, racing mind + Boronia

Irritated skin

Kidney infection

Knee problem

Lack of focus

Loss of sense of control over illness

Meningitis + Illawarra Flame Tree + Mulla-Mulla

Menstrual pain

Mental illness (distress)

Menstrual pain + woman (massage cream on abdomen)

Mental illness

Migraines, severe, at the onset of a migraine

More reliable horse during the competition

Muscle pain, also topically

Muscle tension, (Cream)

Muscles, relaxes

Muscles, sore, (Cream)

Muscular aches & cramps

Nephritis (kidney infection, inflammation))

Nerve ending, damage

Nervous tension

Organ transplants

Overwhelmed feelings of hopelessness + alternating with Mint Bush


Pain + Bottlebrush

Pain (drops can be added to oil like olive oil and rubbed into painful areas)

Pain trauma


Panic; Emergency Essence Spray can be thought of where dosing an animal in a crisis situation is impractical, or with wild animals who would be stressed by too much handling.

Panic during financial crisis

Physical injury

Pimples, as soon as they start emergency drops on them will heal them by next day

Post-operation, confusion negative and unpleasant mental pictures, drugged and dozy state + Angelsword

Pre-examination nerves

Pregnancy for preventing premature labour, during labour and after birth and emotional stuff during labour.

Protection for skin from duress, (Cream)

Protective hand (Cream)

Psoriasis (Cream topically)

Rape, fear and panic


Relationship crisis


Senior to help settle for the night drops, mist or spray around her bedding and the room itself

Severe mental stress

Shock of failure


Skin allergies

Skin, dry OR oily

Sore muscles (cream massage)

Sprains, topically

Stinging pain (Cream)


Stress, mental & physical

Stroke, first Signs

Stuck stifles (horse)

Sudden change

Suffering from gross physical injury

Sun damage

Surgery, after (Cream)

Surgery, after + Angelsword + Slender Rice Fl. + Macrocarpa (for 1 to 2 weeks)

Surgery, after, + Slender Rice Flower (drops)

Surgery, before (for 2 days)

Tension drops and (cream massage)

Tension fear and trauma for kids, pets and grownup (mist or drops)


Third degree burn with pain + Mulla-Mulla (orally and topically) Atomizer spray of Mulla-Mulla made up with filtered water without the brandy or EIS Colloidal Silver (electrically made and not over 30ppm, as anything higher is silver salts and not as effective) would be very good here. Spray the site each time bandages are changed, at least once daily.

Those that cannot cope with any noise or people


Tense negotiations


Traumatic change

Travel Sickness ~ Travel Essence, Emergency essence (Travel combo is better for that job)

and this is just a start. Emergency Essence Spray can be thought of where dosing an animal in a crisis situation is impractical, or with wild animals who would be stressed by too much handling.

Vaccinations, before and after

Very chemically sensitive to most man-made products, including paint, petrol, perfume

Victim, sense of being a

Warts, painful (Cream) (+ Billy Goat Plum + Five Corners drops)

Weird feeling in head from paint fumes

Work crisis


Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010


10. FACE HAND AND BODY Cream (50ml)
Billy Goat Plum, Five Corners, Flannel Flower, Little Flannel Flower, Mulla-Mulla, She Oak, & Wisteria
as well as herbs and oils that include Echinacea, Chamomile, Calendula, Geranium, Orange, Rose, and Lavender


Acceptance of intimate loving touch

Acceptance of physical body

Acceptance of self

Acceptance of the physical body, love and nurturing of self, feel – touch and self-massage

Antioxidant effect

Better diet efforts

Better eating habits


Elimination of dirt pollutant and toxins from deep within the pores

Expressing inner and outer feelings, while retaining personal boundaries

Glowing skin to all skin types

Higher likelihood for massage to be sought


Love and nurturing of self

Love of being touched

More comfort with your sexuality

Nourishment for all skin types

Rejuvenation urges to get out the old and in with the new type energy

Want of physical contact and touching

Want to take better care of our body and oneself


Cleansing pollution dirt

Daily skin health routine

Intestinal cleaning

Protection from excessive moisture loss (She Oak)

Protection from Harsh Climate conditions

Re-hydration and nourishing regime

Skin + Calm and Clear mist (soothing to skin, helps life be less hectic)

Skin eliminations process


After sun damage

Bacterial infection of skin (herbs)



Diaper rash

Dislike of body, physical self, skin texture or touch

Eczema and psoriasis

Fungal problems of skin (herbs)


Sensitive skin



Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010



Angelsword, Boronia, Bush Fuchsia, Bush Iris, Fringed Violet, Green Spider Orchid & Red Lily


Ability to hold an image more clearly

Accesses to Higher Self

Assistance to spiritual teachers to impart their higher wisdom and philosophies on a level other than verbally

Awakening of one's spirituality

Awareness in developing out spirituality

Better connection with the Great Spirit and spirits

Better quality of meditation

Better telepathic communication

Better telepathy

Better visualization to non-visual people, moving, doing and touching or auditory learning people


Connect with your inner-self

Deeper and better meditation

Deeper connection with any religious, spiritual and psychic practice

Deeper meditations in protected space

Enhanced access to and creates clearer communication with one’s higher self Enhanced intuition

Find a quiet place within

Greater awareness & communication with the spirit kingdom

Greater focus during guided meditations or creative visualizations

Healing of the aura

Higher awareness of beneficial information of past lives

Higher perception

Inner guidance

Opening of third eye

Opening up the three higher chakras found above the crown


Peace within

Psychic protection and healing of the aura;

Regression help

Relationship to greater community, nature or to self

Spiritual awakening


The ability to develop one’s discernment as to what is of value and truth from any channelled, religious or spiritual teaching

Trust in ones inner knowing, guidance and intuition

Excellent psychic protection and cleansing

Assisting spiritual teachers to impart their higher wisdom and philosophies on a level other than verbally

Bringing about a greater awareness of, and communication with, the spirit kingdom

Protection from Broken aura ad prevents negative energies entering

Cutting out any mischievous or negative interference with your own inner communication

Enhancing intuition to access wisdom and inner knowledge

Enhancing telepathic communication

Getting rid of what negative energies that have already entered

Helping open the crown chakra and allows one to be grounded, practical and earthed in their spirituality

Increasing one’s spirituality

Integrating the left and right hemispheres of the brain to be more in touch with one’s intuitive nature and to be more open to intuition and gut feeling

Opening up the three higher chakras found above the crown Anyone practicing meditation

Psychic protection and healing

Quieting the mind to be in a place to meditate

Tapping into the inner intelligence of our body



Damaged Aura

Psychically drained

Tense and uptight

Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010


12. PURIFYING ESSENCE Drops (30ml)

Bauhinia, Bottlebrush, Bush Iris, Dagger Hakea, Dog Rose & Wild Potato Bush


Balance and regulates the Ileocaecal valve (problems with this valve include neck pain, abdominal bloating, headaches, tiredness, and diarrhea/constipation)

Cleansing the body of toxins can help the body cope with the overkill of pollens in the air

Cleansing the large intestines Bottlebrush or Purifying Essence

Helps clear lumps and soreness in the breasts

Spring-cleaned feeling

Sense of release and relief

After drug use detoxing

Detoxing body of heavy metals

Detoxifying the body from chemotherapy, heavy metals and other chemicals, to help the lymphatic system work effectively

Detoxing mercury, aluminum, lead etc

Estrogen induced cancer, cleansing the large intestines may help Bottlebrush or Purifying Essence

Leaves deeper colour on plant

Liver enzyme, Hydroxy estriol, metabolizing, estrogen, ovarian cysts, fibroids endometriosis and infertility + Dagger Hakea

May help reduce the risk of estrogen-induced cancer

Vaccination detoxing (dose for two weeks after)


Brain damage from toxicity

Built-up emotional baggage

CFS Chronic fatigue syndrome

Emotional baggage

Endometriosis, metabolizing, estrogen (Liver enzyme, Hydroxy estriol) + Dagger Hakea

Feeling encumbered


Fibroids, metabolizing, estrogen (Liver enzyme, Hydroxy estriol) + Dagger Hakea

Ileocaecal valve, out of balance valve that separates the large and small intestines (problems with this valve include neck pain, abdominal bloating, headaches, tiredness, and diarrhea/constipation).

Ovarian cysts, metabolizing, estrogen (Liver enzyme, Hydroxy estriol) + Dagger Hakea

Polyps + extra water and eating simply

Fungus on plant

Lumps and soreness in the breasts, cleansing the large intestines Bottlebrush or Purifying Essence

Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010



Bluebell, Boab, Bottlebrush, Bush Gardenia, Dagger Hakea, Flannel Flower, Mint Bush, Red Helmet Orchid, Red Suva Frangipani & Wedding Bush

*For intimate relationships, a perfect remedy to follow this combination is Sexuality Essence.

* Can add Sydney Rose or Slender Rice Flower if needed.


A more open the heart

A stronger willingness to try and work things out

About forgiveness and honest expression of feelings

Better communications

Better expression of feelings

Better positive energy with father and mother issues

Better treatment of others as well as yourself like there is no separation + Sydney Rose

Breaks negative family conditions


Comfort and acceptance of their body

Commitment to work things out

Coping skills

Enhanced communication

Enhanced parental-child bonding

Enhanced quality of all relationships, especially intimate ones

Enjoyment of physical contact

Expressing Feelings


Generosity and sharing

Greater communication with her partner, balancing role as mother & wife usually rekindles passion between them Bush Gardenia or Relationship Essence

Harmony in-group + Slender Rice Flower

Healthy boundaries within a relationship

Increased communication

More help in verbalizing and expressing feelings

More playful and having fun energy + Little Flannel Flower

More trust of others

One closer with others

Release of resentment and blocked emotions

Renewed passion and interest in the relationship

Some nurturing energy to you

Soothing and healing of relationship

Stronger commitment


To some a dramatic enhancement of romance and passion

Verbalization of emotions

Organ transplants clear waste and the residue from anti-rejection drugs

Turning off emotional pain in rocky relationship

Reinforcing commitment

Renews interest in partner


After a break up of relationship

Blocked emotions

Chaos and confusion which can occur in relationships especially if deciding whether to stay in the relationship or leave

Children are the highest priority, difficulty in balancing role as mother & wife Bush Gardenia or Relationship Essence

Confusion, emotional pain and turmoil of a rocky relationship

Emotional pain and turmoil of a rocky relationship or work relationships

Ending Relationships that are not destined to be

Feeling devastated

Giver, feels no right to ask for anything but disappointed & angry when they do not get it +Philotheca

Inability to relate

Letting go of the old – whether something from the past or even the relationship itself and starting afresh

Poor negative family conditioning beliefs and patterns which affect our current adult relationships

Projected family conditioned patters we carry over our partner


Resentments even long held ones, especially to those close to us


Ubiquitous sexual guilt + Sturt Desert Rose

Unresolved issues with their parents, and for carried over issue that are projected to their partners

Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010


14. SENSUALITY Mist (50ml)
Billy Goat Plum, Bush Gardenia, Flannel Flower, Little Flannel Flower, Macrocarpa and Wisteria

as well as essential oils of Ylang-Ylang, Sandalwood & Rose

**Had Fringed Violet before

**Mist room before intimate encounter

**Mist skin on romantic night out


Ability to enjoy physical and emotional intimacy, passion and sensual fulfillment

A shield from toxic people

As a great skin cleanser

Delight in sensual/sexual encounter, helps to show, verbalize, animate and express all that they are feeling

Encourages intimacy, passion and sensual fulfilment

Enhances sensuality, sensory expression, & sensitivity to touch

Energy to explore sensual self

Energy to feel great and look better

Enjoyment of physical and emotional intimacy

Enjoyment of physical and emotional intimacy + Wisteria & Fringed Violet

Help to an individual to be more open to sensuality & touch + Wisteria & Fringed Violet

Increased feeling of sensuality

More articulate expression of a sensual nature

More protection for ourselves

Positive motivator to take better care of self


Really feeling our feelings in the physical body and enjoying those sensations

Sensual encounters that stimulate and explore

Sharing positive sensual self with special person in our lives or potential special person

Releasing and healing sexual guilt

Sexual pleasure wells up from deep within the physical, riding on intense sensual gratification, then the experience can bring physical, emotional, mental even spiritual bliss + Sexuality Essence

Skin cleanser

Uncover the softer, open to own sensuality, allows the feelings to be felt, and appreciated+ Bluebell


Fear of emotional and physical intimacy and vulnerability

Painful and traumatic effects of sexual abuse

Those that are pale and drawn being in toxic environment or toxic people

Toxic environment reactions

Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010


15. SEXUALITY ESSENCE Drops (30ml)
Billy Goat Plum, Bush Gardenia, Flannel Flower, Fringed Violet, Little Flannel Flower, Sturt Desert Rose & Wisteria
*Three months of dosage bottle lasting effects


Allows them to experience the beauty of the sexual act and of their bodies, especially if they feel unclean after sex

A more alive with desire pelvic region

A more comfortable felling with and to fully accept one's body

A release of shame & effect of sexual abuse

Acceptance of your body

Better physical and emotional intimacy

Can help women (and men) enjoy physical intimacy

Enjoyment and more open of physical touch sensuality and emotional intimacy


Improved sensuality

More sensitive sense of smell (flowers)

Openness to sensuality, touch, to enjoy physical and emotional intimacy

Releasing shame

Renewed passion, sensuality, playfulness, and interest in relationships

Taking part in the activity of sexual desire


Sexual fulfillment

Sexual pleasure wells up from deep within the physical, riding on intense sensual gratification, then the experience can bring physical, emotional, mental even spiritual bliss + Sensuality Essence


Difficulty enjoying sex with her partner, previous sexual abuse or trauma, + Fringed Violet + Wisteria + Flannel Flower or Sexuality Essence

Effects of physical or sexual abuse and trauma

Effects of sexual abuse

Emotional effects of sexual abuse

Fear of intimacy


Her defenses up, many hang-ups, sense of fun and playfulness lost


Street kids running from physical & sexual abuse

Those uptight about sexuality

Those who use their overweight to lessen partner’s physical intimacy (from past traumas or abuse)

Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010


16. SOLARIS ESSENCE Drops (30ml)

Mulla-Mulla, She Oak and Spinifex

* Can add to cream to use externally or into a spray bottle


Better relationship with nature

Healing & easing pains from burns

Reduced negative effects from fire and the sun’s rays

Reduced ray absorption from X-ray and sun

Relief of fear and distress associated with fire, heat and sun

First aid for burns

Maintaining hydration levels in the skin and body


Blistering as a result of the heat or burn

Burns from fire and sun

Cancer, radiation treatments, before and after & 2 to 4 weeks after


Distress from fire heat and sun

Fear and distress associated with fire, heat and sun

Fear and trauma associated with fire, heat, sunstroke, fever, and blistering

Fear of flames

Skin cancer, orally and topically Mulla-Mulla or Solaris

Sensitive skin, Mulla-Mulla or Solaris, Face Hand & body cream, woman etc

Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010


17. SPACE CLEARING Mist (50ml) Larger Mist (100ml)

Angelsword, Boab, Fringed Violet, Lichen & Red Lily also contains essential oils of Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Citriadora and Lavender

*Can combine with a cream

*+ Slender Rice Flower in Boardrooms and negotiation rooms for win/win outcome


A general cleanser

Balance to relationships at work, neighbours and nature

Balance to tense situations and environments

Better school relationships

Clean and tingling feeling to skin

Cleaner after gardening

Cleared Air and negativity

Cleanser for dirt, dust, sweat and oil

Clearing and releases built up negative emotional, mental and psychic energies

Clearing tense situations and environments and restoring balance.

Clearing meeting rooms of negative energy

Clearing negative environments

Clearing air after an argument

Clearing motel or meeting rooms when traveling

Clearing negative mental, emotional & psychic energies

Clearing practitioners offices between clients

Creates sacred, safe and Harmonious environments

Energy clearing from toxic people

Enhancing sacred space

Feelings of stillness and reflectiveness

Keeping bees and wasp away (mist in circle above head

More positive energy when room liberally sprayed & each person’s chair

Purifies and releases environments of built up negative emotional, mental and psychic energies.


Sacred, safe and harmonious environment when rooms are misted and by Practitioners/therapists in between clients

Safe harmonious environment

Skin cleansing after gardening

Skin cleansing in toxic environment


Bad vibes one wants to get rid of

Disharmonious or unpleasant environments

Exposure to toxic environment

Negative mental, emotional & psychic energies

Pale and drawn

Proximity to toxic people

Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010


Autumn Leaves, Bauhinia, Bottlebrush, Bush Iris, Lichen, Mint Bush, Red Grevillea & Silver Princess

*The usual dose of two to four weeks would be recommended if using the combination for change. If you wish to use the TRANSITION ESSENCE it can be taken twice a day for up to 6 weeks, take a break and then continue for as long as needed.

*Etheric and physical bodies will not separate when taking Transition for life changes


About an awareness of one's life direction especially for people who are at a crossroad

Acceptance of change

Acceptance of change, serenity, eases fear of death, passing over in peace.

Acceptance and coping with all major changes in ones life

Acceptance of aspects of self to die

Assistance in helping the individual’s spirit to let go of the body after death

Awareness of one’s life direction especially for people who are that a crossroad

Big life change happening

Calm & peace near death

Catalyst to resolve perturbation

Catalyst to resolve perturbation and to encourage one to enter the ‘fire’ so as to have their dross burnt off

Catharsis, restoration, renewal

Coming to terms with their illness especially those suffering from a terminal illness

Communication from the other side and allows one to hear, see and feel and be open to that guidance and communication

Easier transition of the passing over from the physical plane to the spiritual world

Easing of fear of death and dying

Encouragement to enter the ‘fire’ so as to have their dross burnt off.

Help and guidance especially from the presence of loved ones who have already died

Help for dying to be aware of, look for and go to the Light at the moment of physical death

Helping a person Passover with calmness, dignity and serenity

Helping one come to terms with death

Home to the spirit the understanding of the need to leave the planet and go through to the Light

Easing of the fear of death as well as helping one to come to terms with it

Letting go

Letting go emotionally to gently die

Letting go of the importance of material possessions and see that spiritual development is also a vital part of life.

Open to change and adopting radical new concepts & for letting go of the past & releasing old habits

Passing over in peace

Sense of letting go and moving on in a very profound way


Wedding excitement


A violent or sudden death can also result in the increased likelihood of the Spirit staying earthbound and once again the spraying of either Lichen or Transition would be of great benefit for those souls

Any big move


Avoiding being earth bound in the astral plane – what we commonly refer to as “ghosts”

Big life change happening


Fear of death

Fear of the unknown

Feeling stuck

Lack of direction

Loss of partner

Major change in their life – new career, moving interstate or changing relationships

Moving forward

Moving quickly through the darkness


Not only for the dying person but also good for the family

People who suicide usually, as a karmic penalty, have to spend a certain period of time on the astral plane before going through to the Light. In this situation the spraying of the Transition or the Lichen from an atomizer will assist that soul to deal with existing on the astral, and in many cases speeds up the time required before they go through to the Light

Someone comfortable with their spirituality and their concept of an after-life to help them with their transition to a new stage

Those who know what they want but do not know how to achieve it, will benefit from this combination

Wedding turmoil

Worry about new phase of ones life

Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010


19. TRAVEL ESSENCE Drops (30ml) Mist & Cream (50ml)
Banksia Robur, Bottlebrush, Bush Fuchsia, Bush Iris, Crowea, Fringed Violet, Macrocarpa, Mulla-Mulla, Paw-Paw, Red Lily, She Oak, Silver Princess, Sundew and Tall Mulla-Mulla

*Mist and Creams includes herbs Calendula, Echinacea, Chamomile, Aloe, and Arnica, and essential oils Geranium, Orange, Lavender, and Frankincense.

* dosage is 7 drops morning and evening 2 days before traveling, frequently throughout the trip every hour you are awake – and then for 2 or 3 days after arriving at your destination.


Assists in all modes of travel to ensure you arrive feeling refreshed and ready to go

Body harmony

Body time clock back into sync

Brings a clear mind during and after flight

Burn pain relief*


Excellent room mist in any travel or everyday environment

Excellent everyday skincare regime when that extra measure of protection is required (Mist and Cream)

Good for all types of travel

Help with disrupted sleep patterns

Help with emotionally demands of traveling

Maintain focus for driver with mist or drops

Maintain sense of personal space

More centering energy

Quick adjust to different time zones

Refreshed feeling on long trips (Drops, mist and/or cream)

Relief to time travelers (shift workers) nurses, interns, plant workers, flight attendants, new mothers and all travelers

Retains sense of personal space

Skin, nurture, protect & replenish it in everyday harsh, unnatural environments like air conditioned offices & shopping centres (Cream)

Skin, hydrates, cleanses and protects all skin types particularly in unnatural environments (Mist)

Tolerance of cramped conditions

10 hours into a 14 hours flight those around you will light up (mist)

Will arrive better than anyone on the flight


Air pressure symptoms

Any circulatory problems

Deep vein thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis (Cream massage on legs)


Digestive upsets

Dirt and pollutions (mist)


Disrupted sleep patterns

Distress associated with jet travel and all forms of travel

Dry air, lower oxygen levels in planes

Duress of all skin types when traveling

Emotional effects of traveling


Feeling refreshed at destination in a balanced, centered and ready to go condition

Feelings of being overwhelmed

Fluid retention

Flying, increases susceptibility to fungal growth + Red Grevillea

Flying, reduced oxygen levels, circulation, lymph and heart slow down, nervous and respiratory responses

Jetlag inner gyros electromagnetic fields (both North/South and East/West)

Jetlag, insomnia, balancing pineal grand, resetting clock

Massaging feet and legs with travel essence cream during long flight to further protect against deep vein thrombosis

Personally feeling depleted and drained

Psyche problems and emotional problems while traveling


Stressful conditions

Sun glaring sensitivity

Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010


20. WOMAN ESSENCE Drops (30ml) Mist & Cream (50ml) {Woman Cream is the holy grail of skin care}
Billy Goat Plum, Bottlebrush, Bush Fuchsia, Crowea, Five Corners, Mulla-Mulla, Old Man Banksia, Peach-Flowered Tea Tree, and She Oak + Pink Flannel Flower Essence in the future?

*Mist & Cream includes essential oils Rose, Lavender, Geranium & Bergamot


Ability to cope with change

Allows a woman to discover and feel good about her own body and beauty

Balance of emotions through puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause

Balanced emotions

Burn pain relief*

Calmness and stability

Coping with change

Discovery beauty and feeling good about one self

Enhanced elimination process

Enhanced female sensuality + Wisteria

Female balance

Forward a woman’s own innate strength and beauty through life’s cycles and seasons of change

Improved self esteem and body image

Less mood swings

Nurturing (Cream and mist)


Self-nurturing qualities

Skin health during hormonal changes

Some help for dermatitis

Antioxidant activity (herbs and botanicals)

Help in Birthing

Can prevent the need for D&C + Pink Flannel Flower

Cleansing (mist)

Deodorant under arms and on T-shirt

Harmonizes and imbalances during menstruation and menopause.

Helping all women’s hormonal cycles

Hydration and oxygenation

Misting t-shirt for lingering natural scent

Nourishes & protects skin (Cream)

Nourishing oils (Cream)

Rehydrate (Cream and mist)

Reversing effect of the contraceptive pill on the hypothalamus;

Skin protection (herbs and botanicals)


Cramp pain during heavy periods (gently massage stomach and abdomen)

Cramps during menstruation (Cream on abdomen)


Infertility + Bush Iris

Men needing to be in touch with feminine side/energy (mist)

Menstrual cramps (Massage cream on abdomen)

Mid period bleeding + Pink Flannel Flower (often within the hour)

Mood swings

Osteoporosis helps maintain a level of female hormones in the body & self esteem + Macrocarpa

Osteoporosis, adrenal glands produce small amounts of estrogen and progesterone & self esteem, regulatory effect on calcium + Macrocarpa + Five Corners + Crowea + Old Man Banksia OR Woman Essence + Macrocarpa

Osteoporosis Hibbertia, works on the parathyroid glands which are involved in calcium metabolism would add + Macrocarpa

Osteoporosis Boab could help if there is a family history of osteoporosis. (I believe it is a self esteem problem)

Osteoporosis Dynamis can encourage energetic, weight bearing exercise which will support good bone health (I believe it is a self esteem problem so add Five Corners to Dynamis)

Pain from endometriosis

Pale, tired and dull complexion

Physical dislikes

Sensitive skin

Skin irritation (Cream)

Tinea (fungus)

Wart (Cream & Drops)


Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010