Monday, February 22, 2010


8. ELECTRO ESSENCE Drops (30ml)
Contains Bush Fuchsia, Crowea, Fringed Violet, Mulla-Mulla, Paw-Paw and Waratah

*Treating children from Chernobyl in a Radiation Rescue Program. Reduced the children’s radiation levels by 43% (four drops twice a day) in a two week period.
Neurocirculatory dystonia syndrome (feeling heart has stopped when these children physically exerted themselves, Waratah part of the combination attributed to helping this syndrome. Twice as effective as Spirulina in Chernobyl children (4 drops 2 times a day for 2 weeks
*This combination brings body harmony in harmful environments. These environments include areas that contain computers, high electromagnetic fields, or highly charged areas.


Relief from fear and distress associated with radiation, earth radiation, electrical things and/ or electromagnetic radiation

One in balance with the natural rhythms of the earth

Reduced emotional effects of radiation

Reduced obsession from side effects of Radiation

Relaxation just carrying bottle of Electro!!!

Relief of fear and distress associated with earth, electrical and electromagnetic radiation

Resistance to stress

Air travel spray back of seats with built in TV’s (or use Travel Essence)

Cell phones “radiation” protection (lasts 2 weeks)

Preventative for sunburn or other radiation

Reducing earth radiation


CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Many very sensitive to radiation, such as underground streams flowing nearby where they sleep, electrical radiation and wires, computers, microwaves and naturally occurring earth radiation)


Constipation from Radiation


Diarrhea from radiation

Earth and electric radiation

Electrical equipment

Electrical radiation emitted by meter boxes, overhead power lines

Electrical shock

Feeling drained and flat

Fevers NOT associated with infections

Fluorescent lights and electrical equipment, especially televisions

Ley lines crossing or in houses under which underground streams near where one sleeps



Neurosis and psychosomatic symptoms

Nuclear radiation

Numbness in hands from radiation

Out of balance with earths rhythms

Overhead power lines

Radiation & side effects

Solar radiation

Solar radiation, like sunburn



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