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9. EMERGENCY ESSENCE Drops (30ml) Mist & Cream 50ml & Emergency stock 15ml
Angelsword, Crowea, Dog Rose of the Wild Forces, Fringed Violet, Grey Spider Flower, Sundew and Waratah

*Mist & Cream includes essential oils Neroli, Chamomile, Lavender & Bergamot

*I also add to small spray rather than a dropper in many cases as dosing is easier when say driving or having to give to someone else in an emergency. The mist you buy cannot be given orally but it is breathed in though it can be applied to the skin, but in my case I get a rash so I modified it using the drops dosage in a small one ounce spray bottle :o))) Others use the mist on the skin with no problems though.

*This remedy is not intended to be a replacement for good medical diagnosis and treatment, but it will provide comfort until treatment is available. Administer this remedy every hour or more frequently if necessary until the person feels better. It can also be used topically or mixed into a cream.

*Angelsword has been added to this combination to enhance its psychic protection qualities

*Reiki, used on hands increases effect of Reiki treatment


Ability to cope

Ability to focus calmly, but still actively, on the competition


Allergic reactions, allay fears, attack is life threatening

Asthma, fear of suffocation + Grey Spider Flower + Fringed Violet or Emergency Essence

All psychological and physical stress

Better school relationships

Better skin elimination of toxins

Better sleep to promote healing

Brings stronger Reiki healing if used topically on practitioners hands

Bruising, cream topically

Calming effect during crisis

Calming and stabilizing effect on the mind, body and emotions during minor and major crisis

Calming to skin problems


Calmness and ability to cope

Chiropractic assistance

Cleanser (mist)


Comfort to the person/animal until that treatment is available

Comfort until treatment is available


Ease of distress

Energy to cope with all major and minor crises


Insect bites, sprayed on, relieves pain


Pain, joints, cream


Provide comfort till medical help arrives

Psychic protection

Rashes, cream topically (actually the mist and the drops can be applied)

Sense of wellness

Skin healing

Speedier healing of cuts, blisters and other skin conditions + Spinifex to drops

Stabilizing energy


Will support courage by dealing with fear and trauma


Accidents, shock


Acne (drops externally applied or taken internally)

Allergic reaction with asthmatic reaction + Tall Mulla-Mulla

Allergic reactions,

Allergies, skin




Asthma, acute

Athletes foot (cream)

Baby, floppy

Back spinal pain

Back spinal,

Bacterial fungal skin infections (cream)



Blue or Floppy baby (with Sundew better)

Brain Damage

Breathing difficulties



Child's rages of destruction, impatience, hyperactivity and frustration + Black-eyed Susan Dosage 7 drops in juice etc and/or Fourteen drops into his bath water)

Chronic colic (horse)


Competing at horse shows rigidity and inability to think that I suffered before and during competition

Competitive events stress

Computer crash, loss of information (frustration and panic)

Continually crying



Damaged aura (releases negative energy)

Damaged skin (cream)

Dehydration (cream)

Dental work (after)

Difficult child (AND give to mother and other family members)

Digestive disorders


Distress before medical procedure

Distress from skin condition

Distress, from abuse, assault, rape & accident

Ear infection

Eating disorders (anorexia)


Emotional breaking up

Emotional upheaval

Environmental disaster

Epilepsy, acute

Extreme skin conditions (cream)

Extreme stress or duress

Eyes unequal (brain damage)



Fear on flight

Fear, panic, severe mental stress and tension

Feeling like you were hit by a ‘Mac truck”

Feelings of guilt dealing with the trauma that often precedes and also accompanies it

Frozen shoulder, topically

Grief from death of a loved one

Head injury


Health crisis

Heart attack, after and to lower panic during

Helped to fix paralysis from tick poisoning after a few doses

Helps diffuse the stress of any situation

Horses, “fizzy” before competing

Imminent premature birth

Inflamed skin


Insect bites drops, (cream or mist)

Insect repellent, mist


Insomnia, racing mind + Boronia

Irritated skin

Kidney infection

Knee problem

Lack of focus

Loss of sense of control over illness

Meningitis + Illawarra Flame Tree + Mulla-Mulla

Menstrual pain

Mental illness (distress)

Menstrual pain + woman (massage cream on abdomen)

Mental illness

Migraines, severe, at the onset of a migraine

More reliable horse during the competition

Muscle pain, also topically

Muscle tension, (Cream)

Muscles, relaxes

Muscles, sore, (Cream)

Muscular aches & cramps

Nephritis (kidney infection, inflammation))

Nerve ending, damage

Nervous tension

Organ transplants

Overwhelmed feelings of hopelessness + alternating with Mint Bush


Pain + Bottlebrush

Pain (drops can be added to oil like olive oil and rubbed into painful areas)

Pain trauma


Panic; Emergency Essence Spray can be thought of where dosing an animal in a crisis situation is impractical, or with wild animals who would be stressed by too much handling.

Panic during financial crisis

Physical injury

Pimples, as soon as they start emergency drops on them will heal them by next day

Post-operation, confusion negative and unpleasant mental pictures, drugged and dozy state + Angelsword

Pre-examination nerves

Pregnancy for preventing premature labour, during labour and after birth and emotional stuff during labour.

Protection for skin from duress, (Cream)

Protective hand (Cream)

Psoriasis (Cream topically)

Rape, fear and panic


Relationship crisis


Senior to help settle for the night drops, mist or spray around her bedding and the room itself

Severe mental stress

Shock of failure


Skin allergies

Skin, dry OR oily

Sore muscles (cream massage)

Sprains, topically

Stinging pain (Cream)


Stress, mental & physical

Stroke, first Signs

Stuck stifles (horse)

Sudden change

Suffering from gross physical injury

Sun damage

Surgery, after (Cream)

Surgery, after + Angelsword + Slender Rice Fl. + Macrocarpa (for 1 to 2 weeks)

Surgery, after, + Slender Rice Flower (drops)

Surgery, before (for 2 days)

Tension drops and (cream massage)

Tension fear and trauma for kids, pets and grownup (mist or drops)


Third degree burn with pain + Mulla-Mulla (orally and topically) Atomizer spray of Mulla-Mulla made up with filtered water without the brandy or EIS Colloidal Silver (electrically made and not over 30ppm, as anything higher is silver salts and not as effective) would be very good here. Spray the site each time bandages are changed, at least once daily.

Those that cannot cope with any noise or people


Tense negotiations


Traumatic change

Travel Sickness ~ Travel Essence, Emergency essence (Travel combo is better for that job)

and this is just a start. Emergency Essence Spray can be thought of where dosing an animal in a crisis situation is impractical, or with wild animals who would be stressed by too much handling.

Vaccinations, before and after

Very chemically sensitive to most man-made products, including paint, petrol, perfume

Victim, sense of being a

Warts, painful (Cream) (+ Billy Goat Plum + Five Corners drops)

Weird feeling in head from paint fumes

Work crisis


Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010

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