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*The usual dose of two to four weeks would be recommended if using the combination for change. If you wish to use the TRANSITION ESSENCE it can be taken twice a day for up to 6 weeks, take a break and then continue for as long as needed.

*Etheric and physical bodies will not separate when taking Transition for life changes


About an awareness of one's life direction especially for people who are at a crossroad

Acceptance of change

Acceptance of change, serenity, eases fear of death, passing over in peace.

Acceptance and coping with all major changes in ones life

Acceptance of aspects of self to die

Assistance in helping the individual’s spirit to let go of the body after death

Awareness of one’s life direction especially for people who are that a crossroad

Big life change happening

Calm & peace near death

Catalyst to resolve perturbation

Catalyst to resolve perturbation and to encourage one to enter the ‘fire’ so as to have their dross burnt off

Catharsis, restoration, renewal

Coming to terms with their illness especially those suffering from a terminal illness

Communication from the other side and allows one to hear, see and feel and be open to that guidance and communication

Easier transition of the passing over from the physical plane to the spiritual world

Easing of fear of death and dying

Encouragement to enter the ‘fire’ so as to have their dross burnt off.

Help and guidance especially from the presence of loved ones who have already died

Help for dying to be aware of, look for and go to the Light at the moment of physical death

Helping a person Passover with calmness, dignity and serenity

Helping one come to terms with death

Home to the spirit the understanding of the need to leave the planet and go through to the Light

Easing of the fear of death as well as helping one to come to terms with it

Letting go

Letting go emotionally to gently die

Letting go of the importance of material possessions and see that spiritual development is also a vital part of life.

Open to change and adopting radical new concepts & for letting go of the past & releasing old habits

Passing over in peace

Sense of letting go and moving on in a very profound way


Wedding excitement


A violent or sudden death can also result in the increased likelihood of the Spirit staying earthbound and once again the spraying of either Lichen or Transition would be of great benefit for those souls

Any big move


Avoiding being earth bound in the astral plane – what we commonly refer to as “ghosts”

Big life change happening


Fear of death

Fear of the unknown

Feeling stuck

Lack of direction

Loss of partner

Major change in their life – new career, moving interstate or changing relationships

Moving forward

Moving quickly through the darkness


Not only for the dying person but also good for the family

People who suicide usually, as a karmic penalty, have to spend a certain period of time on the astral plane before going through to the Light. In this situation the spraying of the Transition or the Lichen from an atomizer will assist that soul to deal with existing on the astral, and in many cases speeds up the time required before they go through to the Light

Someone comfortable with their spirituality and their concept of an after-life to help them with their transition to a new stage

Those who know what they want but do not know how to achieve it, will benefit from this combination

Wedding turmoil

Worry about new phase of ones life

Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010

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