Monday, February 22, 2010


5. CONFID ESSENCE Drops (30ml)

Boab, Dog Rose, Five Corners, Southern Cross and Sturt Desert Rose


Acceptance of self

Adrenal and thymus balance

Assists in your taking full responsibility for the situations & emotions that occur in your life

Better communication

Better parent child relationship

Better relationships at work, school, with animals and neighbours

Better relationships for adolescent

Better sense of self worth

Brings out your true inherent

POSITIVE QUALITIES of self esteem and of feeling great about yourself

Clearing any self worth issues arising as a result of any inherited family emotional pattern

Confidence to be ourselves

Confidence to cope during pregnancy

Energy to be true to oneself

Feel comfortable and confident around other people

Feelings of well being

Gives the strength to be true to self

Helps us take responsibility for situations and events that occur in our lives

Helps us realize that we have the ability and power to manifest change in the events in our lives


More confidence

More confidence to cope during birthing

More confidence to take responsibility of oneself or situation

More self-confidence

Not a victim

Outgoing personality

Personal Power

Power to create situations we want

Pregnancy, take during the last weeks of pregnancy

~For confidence in the body

~Follow your own gut feelings to do what you feel you have to do

~Guards against the victim mentality as women have been victims to men’s control over births

~For controlling fear

Realize that you have the ability and power to manifest those situations & emotions

you wish to occur in your life

Resolve negative beliefs we may hold about ourselves.

Self-esteem and confidence


Sense of Responsibility for one's life

Take during the last weeks of pregnancy

Taking responsibility for one’s life

True to ones self

Trust in ones abilities

Teenage girls help to increase their self worth and self esteem

Learning to say no


Breaking up

Discomfort around other people


Grief, death


Guilt of past actions



Lack of conviction

Low self-esteem

Negative beliefs about ourselves

Negative subconscious beliefs we may hold about ourselves

Self worth issues arising as a result of any inherited family emotional pattern


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