Monday, February 22, 2010


4. COGNIS ESSENCE Drops (30ml)

Bush Fuchsia, Isopogon, Jacaranda, Paw-Paw & Sundew

6th Chakra

*Spray Cognis for ADD in the home or class room before they arrive


Ability to understand and respond to verbal communication

Accesses to past knowledge

Aids poor memory


Assimilates ideas

Assistance in problem solving by improving access to the Higher Self (intuition), which stores all past knowledge and experiences, (inspirational ideas)

Balance to intuitive and cognitive processes

Balances right and left hemispheres

Balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain

Better clarity in speaking

Better comprehension, concentration & learning

Better function of the brain

Better learning capacity for students

Better memory

Better retrieval of information

Better recall of past knowledge and experience + Yellow Cowslip Orchid, better brain function

Brings a balance to our logical and intuitive mind

Brings back skills and knowledge learnt in the past

Brings clarity

Clarity & focus when reading, studying, working & speaking

Clears any accompanying feelings of being overwhelmed


Confidence in city driving

Dramatic relation to memory and concentration

Easier and deeper understanding of student lessons

Enhanced learning skills

Enhances all learning abilities and skills

Enhances reading, mathematical and speaking skills

Exam situation helps express information with clarity and conviction

Exam week, Take morning and night for 2 weeks & during the exam

Focus and allows you to settle down

Focuses, grounds, stops daydreaming and procrastination

Focus & grounding, to get on with the job

For all students, helps absorb a lot of totally different information & retrieve it

Greatly improves memory

Helps integrates information

Helps prevent the feeling of panic and being overwhelmed

Help to assimilated ideas

Helps to resolve dyslexia

Improves memory, reading & speaking skills

Improving access to Higher Self (stores all past knowledge and experiences)

In an exam situation a person may express the info with clarity and conviction

Increased memory and improved performance of students

Integrates and assimilates ideas and information

Intuitive learning which, when combined with the intellect, is a powerful quality.

Learning, all areas

Less tired studying and at lectures

Maximizes intuitive learning so that even data and complex concepts are easily grasped

Mental clarity, focus, and enhancing all learning skills and abilities, assimilating new information

Opens up the intuitive approach to learning, when combined with the intellect, is a powerful quality

Prevents the feeling of panic and being overwhelmed

Recall old skills, ie Mothers who wish to return to the workforce

Reduces procrastination

Retrieval of previously learnt knowledge and skill

Returning to the workforce, recalls skills

Stops daydreaming

Stops procrastination

Helps while studying or needing intense focus

Wonderful catalyst in psycho-therapeutic work


ADD Attention Deficit Disorder

ADD spray around the room before he/she arrives

ADHD Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder


Alzheimer’s grief


Autistic + Flannel Flower don’t like being touched at all


Cramming stress



Difficulty to read for any length of time

Difficulty with reading, writing and spelling

‘Doom & gloom’ attitude and coping with test


Examination test apprehension (in panic mode use Emergency)

Feelings of being split

Day-dreaming and cannot focus

Hyper activity disorders

Increasing self-awareness and objectivity in perceiving ones own self


Lack of confidence or focus

Language, learning problems

Learning problems

Mental burnout

Nervous city driver

Overwhelmed with too much information

Poor concentration

Poor memory

Poor numbers recall


See Alzheimer’s in other notes.

Vaccinations related learning problems + Boab + Bush Fuchsia

Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010

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