Monday, February 22, 2010


3. CALM AND CLEAR ESSENCE Drops (30ml) Mist & Cream (50ml)

Black-Eyed Susan, Boronia, Bottlebrush, Bush Fuchsia, Crowea, Jacaranda, Little Flannel Flower, and Paw-Paw

*Mist & Cream includes essential oils of Lavender, Neroli, Orange and Patchouli.


A slowing down of feelings

Access higher self

Absorbing Nutrients better

An anti oxidant (Cream)

Back past emotional issue to work through

Balanced digestion

Balances minerals in the body better

Balanced the acid in the stomach increasing acid production IF needed

Better temperature control

Brings better connection with ones intuition


Calmness and peace

Calms pets and kids (Mist)

Calms, unwinds

Calms in schoolchildren in class

Centered Better Health



Contemplation of one’s self

Creative visualization


Deep, healthy sleep + Green Spider Orchid

Eases stiffness & tension in muscles

Eases stiffness in joints, head and neck particularly

Easier decision-making

Encourages own time & space

Enjoyment of relaxing times

Enjoy relaxing pursuits

Find a quiet place within

Find time for oneself

Headache, applied to forehead & base of skull

Healthy contemplation

Healthy relaxation

Helps Digestion

Hormonal mood swings

Improved digestion

Inner Peace

Less over the top emotions in relationships personal or work related

Less tension

More enjoyment of relaxing pursuits

More fun in life

More skin nutrients (Cream)

More time and space for relaxation

More time to oneself

Outer peace

Re-balancing of emotions

Relaxing and having fun

Relaxing without external pressures & demands

Relaxation and helps one unwind while enjoying your personal pursuits.

Relaxation in Muscles

Relaxation without external demands or pressure


Skin Care at fundamental level (Cream)

Soothing and settling (Mist)

Stimulation of blood flow to skin for lovely glow

Time for oneself

Time to enjoy relaxing pursuits

Help to diffuse the stress of any situation

Intestinal clean out

Less toxic waste

Indifferent reaction to emotional situation

Keeping people calm + Mint Bush

Letting go of any emotional or physical baggage one is dragging around (especially from the work place)

Protection from harsh climatic conditions causing skin irritation and dehydration

Protection to mantel against external pollutants

Relax without external pressures & demands

To enable a person to let go of any emotional or physical baggage that they are dragging around with them especially from the work place

Winding down time, encourages

Yoga Massage Therapy, before (Mist)


Always being last priority

Always over committed

Burn out after overwork

Chocolate cravings


Dull lifeless skin and complexion (Cream)

For one that is over committed

Immune system imbalances


No time for self

Over committed


Skin irritations

Stress supporting a family, sustaining relationships, dealing with their own sexuality, work or study, fear of rejection and failure

Sugar cravings

Tension headache, Temples 3rd eye (Cream)

Tension headache, instantly relieving, applied to forehead first and then on the back of the neck, both areas need to be ‘activated’ for this startling result (Cream)

Those always being over committed

Those on run and no time for themselves

Those that worry constantly

Times of over commitment

Tummy issues from stress


Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010

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