Monday, February 22, 2010


16. SOLARIS ESSENCE Drops (30ml)

Mulla-Mulla, She Oak and Spinifex

* Can add to cream to use externally or into a spray bottle


Better relationship with nature

Healing & easing pains from burns

Reduced negative effects from fire and the sun’s rays

Reduced ray absorption from X-ray and sun

Relief of fear and distress associated with fire, heat and sun

First aid for burns

Maintaining hydration levels in the skin and body


Blistering as a result of the heat or burn

Burns from fire and sun

Cancer, radiation treatments, before and after & 2 to 4 weeks after


Distress from fire heat and sun

Fear and distress associated with fire, heat and sun

Fear and trauma associated with fire, heat, sunstroke, fever, and blistering

Fear of flames

Skin cancer, orally and topically Mulla-Mulla or Solaris

Sensitive skin, Mulla-Mulla or Solaris, Face Hand & body cream, woman etc

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