Monday, February 22, 2010


These are my notes and lists the Australian Bush Flower essence combinations and what they have been used for includes information from newsletters and their clinical use for over 15 years (though still adding new information, so not finished compiling or editing). Used Australian Bush Flower Healing book as well reversing the repertory basically. Working at adding the information from "Animal Healing" and "Happy Healthy Kids" (writing notes stage) Louise Larabie These notes shown in this blog authored by me are copyrighted and need permission to cross post elsewhere, though the link to these here are fine.

Not in the combinations. Alpine Mint bush, Freshwater Mangrove, Green Essence, Gymea Lily, Hibbertia, Kapok bush, Mountain Devil, Pink Mulla-Mulla, Rough Bluebell, Monga Waratah, Sydney Rose

Creams or Mists can be combined with use of any other essence combination drops.

Can add any of the mists relating to your emotional state to your cleanser.

Louise Larabie copyrighted 2008, 2009, 2010

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